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20-Sep-2019 01:35

Both outcomes are preferable to Generation Z’s current romantic isolation.Perhaps we should take our dating cue from Nora Ephron, the famous 90s rom-com screenwriter.Instead of desperately searching for connection through hourlong Tinder sessions, it’s time for Gen Z to inject a shot of confidence by going out on real dates with their peers.

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Indeed, the majority, 59% of Gen Zers are indifferent about whether a man or woman makes the first move online, according to Zoosk -- which is 2% more than millennials, 8% more than Gen Xers and 7% more than Baby Boomers..

You have to be willing to compromise on certain things but that doesn’t mean that you have to forego qualities that are truly important to you.” What’s more, Lori BIzzoco, founder and executive editor of the relationship advice site Cupids says Gen Zers are more open to serial dating and seeing several people while trying to figure out who they click with best.