Wow patch 5 0 4 not updating

06-Dec-2019 08:04

wow patch 5 0 4 not updating-11

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n UI is also available directly from the author at Version 5.07.41 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed problem with Pilgrim's Bounty and other special action bars (thanks Xrystal) * fixed micro-menu positioning bug introduced in the 5.4.2 patch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.40 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed startup error trying to set c Var ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.39 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Undid watch frame changes -- allows watch frame to be moved again, but reintroduces some taint issues. Hopefully there will be less issues with the taint than there was with the location of the frame.

/sigh * Fixed the micro buttons getting stepped on when entering/leaving pet battles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.38 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Restored missing font files * Multiple taint fixes * Fixed unit frame right-click menu taint bug (could not set focus previously) * Fixed error when trying to unlearn talents or change glyphs (thanks Foxlit) * Added fix for "other Heal Prediction" nil error in Frame XML\Unit (thanks Seer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.37 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed bug in main action bar when extra action button is displayed (thanks Xrystal) * Fixed location of pet name in party and raid unit frame panels (thanks Xrystal) * Hopefully fixed a combat taint error when mousing over unit auras (thanks Belechannas) * Fixed false reporting of interruptable channel spells (thanks Belechannas) * Added support for flyout spells (i.e.

You can access Key Bound by its slash command (/kb) or through the button in the BT4 config. A: Currently, you can temporarily override the snapping by holding down the Shift Key while moving your bars, or uncheck the option in the popup when your bars are unlocked.

Please submit Bugs and/or Feature Requests using the Ticket System on the Wo WAce Project page or in the Bartender4 Forum Thread. I don't know if it's a bug from Bartender4 or from another addon, but as the Bartender4 name appears in the message...

~lol~) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.31 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * TOC Bump for 5.3 patch * Fixed login error thrown in location display ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.30 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * TOC Bump for 5.2 patch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.29 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Updates TOC for the Wo W 5.1 Patch * Fixed an error in the n UI_Buttons script throwing errors comparing a string to a number ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.28 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * This release fixes an error in the action bars where the main action bar was hidden when the extra action button was displayed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.27 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixes action bars for vehicles and extra action button ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.26 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * When configuring which unitpanel layout to display include a test for group size to make sure it doesn't default to raid10 rather than party if you have 5 or less people. * Removed extrabar from the registerstatedriver statement as it has to exist alongside the main action bar.

* Added the new status tests for extrabar and overridebar to the registerstatedriver statement. * Removed redundant file path for texture icons in button bag to remove green boxes.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.36 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Try again...

Is it possible to disable auto self casting in Classic? I can see the bartender bars in green, I can move them, but I can't do anything else (remove Wow art bart, resize, etc.). So i have my bar 3 and my bar 4 on bartender4 addon visible only when im hovering over them but i cant find a way or any command on how to make both my bar 3 and 4 visible when im hovering over only bar 3 or only bar 4. i disabled masque in case that was a problem that i saw some other guy had and theres still no bars!

I had the impression this was possible on retail but not sure (long time since last time I played) Thanks a couple of questions... Also, mine seems buggy, i can't seem to bet /bt or /bartender4 to work and i don't have a button connected with my minimap...