Why is dating so important

22-Dec-2019 03:57

To test if you both are truly into the same things, to see how much you would do for each other, to learn each others secrets, many many reasons.

, a life-changing book that examines how and why having too much choice makes us miserable. What should be a fairly quick shopping trip becomes a full day of torture as you try find the perfect pair of jeans.

A relationship means that you're a couple and dating means you're just seeing each other.

A dating relationship would be considered just dating.

Still, satisficing doesn’t mean you should jump for joy when presented with garbage options.

You can and should expect high standards, says Schwartz, “but the difference is between looking for very good versus the very best.” As you can imagine, the maximizer’s quest for perfection comes at a cost.

The shopping trip shows an example of what Schwartz describes as “maximizing” behavior.