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20-Nov-2019 19:23

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"I took a lot of flak for that, but it's now part of the strategy of the sport," Ferriss said.

"Instead of a boss telling me to go home and get some sleep, I already was home.

"People took that out of context - I didn't say, 'Do it in the security line.' You simply say you have a firearm to declare at the bag counter, and a TSA person pulls you aside and puts a tag on your bag. You don't hold up any lines." In a snarky nod to his critics, Ferriss borrowed a line from Bruni for the dust jacket of his latest book.

There, beneath accolades from top chefs, are Bruni's words: "Tim Ferriss is a master of air as well as earth." "The 4-Hour Chef" promises to teach the microwave masses six months of culinary school in 48 hours - everything from how to chop vegetables to how to survive in the wilderness by sleeping in a debris cave fashioned from branches and foliage and fending off starvation by gutting and cooking tree rats.

Paul's School, an elite boarding school in New Hampshire.

"He spent his junior year in Japan to learn new martial arts techniques," Buxton said."One time I walked into the gym and found him with 400 pounds on the bench press.

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