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With the readily available use of slow-motion video, anyone can compare players side-by-side to see the differences.However, a Certified Epstein Instructor has the tools, training and Jake Epstein’s time tested drills to create a plan focused on the player’s needs.Work one-on-one with our hitting coaches all year long.Our Online Academy gives softball and baseball players the opportunity to have video reviewed and analyzed, a custom training plan and direct coach access.People always ask us, “What makes Epstein Hitting so successful?” The answer is simple; it is the process of identifying the swing faults and having a PROGRAM to fix those faults for good.

He graduated from New York University in 2012 and later landed a job with ABC News as a writer.

It's been 11 years since then and things have certainly changed for our favorite Degrassi students. As the main character of the first 9 seasons of the show, fans got the chance to see Emma Nelson grow up.

The daughter of Shane Mc Kay and Christine "Spike" Nelson also made an appearance during the second season of Degrassi: Next Class along with several other cast members.

I’m a tough guy to please and impress, but I believe Mike comprehends and teaches the science of proper hitting as skillfully as anyone I have run across in all my years in baseball.” ~ Ted Williams – 1993 Letter of Certification From Shoeless Joe Jackson to Babe Ruth to Miguel Cabrera, baseball’s greatest hitters have all shared the same core mechanics. The great Ted Williams told my dad back in 1969, “Watch the great hitters Mike.

They will tell you everything you need to know.” Now, with the use of slow-motion video technology (and the Epstein Teaching System) we can change the learning process from years to days!Baseball and softball hitting facilities, coaches and parents can learn to teach the Epstein Hitting System.