Who is dj cassidy dating

05-Feb-2020 08:51

“These are people who could have anybody spinning for them.

Cassidy brings a very different vibe to the proceedings, it’s more of a throwback party rather than just spinning the contemporary hits of the day.” Adds Bobby Brown: “Cassidy is a great cat …

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that, in the belly of the decommissioned aircraft carrier, hip-hop legends Q-Tip and Grandmaster Flash were working a set of turntables.

You might have seen the swirling spotlights, and the photographers snooping around the entrance, and the women in slinky black dresses leading seersucker-clad men up a flight of stairs into the vessel.

Cassidy’s flamboyant style has caught many an eye in the music world, giving him a chance to catch an equal amount of ears. That’s the thing about it—there’s nobody that he’s not friends with.” Indeed, Cassidy started making friends through his music at a very young age.

That is, until a couple sauntered onto the dance floor: Sean “Diddy” Combs and longtime flame Kim Porter.

Elated, Cassidy went to work with his trademark mixture of genres and eras, from Stevie Wonder to Chaka Khan to Michael Jackson as Diddy and his date danced until dawn. “When they finally went home, [Diddy] walks by me and says, ‘Hey, where’s the DJ?