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Its first week was sensational, but second week's takings began to dwindle.After enor- mous first week picture nose-dived; takings still profitable, however, on second and final week; ,500.She Is the only woman director in that orgnnlza- lion.(Drawing Population, 850,000) The Keith - Albee - Sehanberger Maryland's eojurn In movieland was brief.First week of band pol icy: Norma Shearer in picture; ,000; big.1 House stands to lose Sundays by litigation now pending, which would hurt; ,809 on first week of Im- ported, holding over.In conjunction with 43 Better Business Bureaus, centrally located throughout the country, and the Hays organization, legitimate pro- ducers have managed to lessen the number of promoters considerably In 1925 about 700 complaints were reported as compared to around 200 during 1926.Maryland (Kernnn Co.) "Heaven On Earth" (1,972; 25-$l).

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Hippodrome (Pearce * Scheck) "Romantic Age" and K-A vaude (2,500; 25-50).

The Sunday night opening, to less than half a house, brought forth the most flattering — and earned — reviews in many a day.