Verizon updating prl

22-Feb-2020 01:51

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The addition if individual towers to fill in coverage gaps in an already-covered area do not necessitate a PRL update - these towers simply join an existing SID that's already listed in the current PRL.By itself, updating the PRL on your phone isn't going to fix much of anything.A message will appear on the device that the process has started and you will received a notification once complete.If the process fails, try restarting the device and dialing again.Just dial *228 from your home coverage area and enter option 2 at the voice prompt.A complete explanation of this process and its benefits appears here on the Verizon website.EDIT: Applies to 3G phones/networks only (i Phone The i Phone 5 is LTE and you do not need to do this on an i Phone 5, as a matter of fact it can cause issues.Your i Phone 5's sim card has your roaming list and it is updated;dr: if you have an i Phone 5, this doesn't apply to you.

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This information applies to CDMA (Sprint) phones only.This will assist you phone in located the nearest Verizon "network" tower.You are able to do this by the following steps: settings, general, reset, reset network settings.Updating your i Phone Preferred Roaming List is not required if you own an LTE device on Verizon, or use AT&T or T-Mobile.

PRL updates are meant for CDMA networks, and both T-Mobile and AT&T utilize GSM networks.I am not an engineer, sales consultant, or a wireless phone professional.