Vampire diaries nina and paul dating

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Stefan and Elena were the show’s first big romance, but it turns out tensions were running high in the early days of the show.

Wesley admits the pair were “basically driving each other insane” when they first started filming. Thankfully, Wesley says the dynamic duo now “talk all the time” and have put their differences aside.

Because Somerhalder is a happy person, she credits him with being one way to deal with any stress in her life. “I think people should be with the person who makes them smile.” She states that you shouldn't be in that relationship if you don’t smile anymore.

Dobrev praises that it’s okay to have good and bad experiences with dating because you’ll find out what you do and don’t like in a person. “You should always be with the people who make you feel happiest.” .

Some were downright fun, some were friendly, and some involved people (and animals! This list lets you know some of those secrets back when they were dating, soon after their breakup, and up until today.

Here’s 15 Secrets Behind Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s Relationship.

The couple dated for 3 years from 2010 to 2013 before ending their relationship to much controversy and speculation - mostly from fan community and the tabloids.

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"Of everyone, I think I probably see him the most and hang out with him the most.

Some couples barely last beyond the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, but some - like Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer from Somerhalder and Dobrev tried to remain covert as a couple, often denying rumors they were dating, or speaking obscurely when questions or statements veered towards their suspected relationship.

W ith a Hollywood lifestyle, the truth eventually surfaced.

She was on the cover the first time in 2010 with the main blurb reading "Nina: Why she wouldn’t date any of her co-stars." Dobrev had said that it “could definitely get sticky if you dated your co-star.” She also stated she didn’t need a boyfriend to be happy, but would be with someone if she met them and wanted to be with him.

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Although she has no problem being single, she would devote her time and love to the person who she became extremely crazy about.

Most men and women have things they look for when dating or courting someone of the opposite gender.