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Online form filling feature for background verification for GEP is available on Passport Seva Portal. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) GEP, you will have to apply for background verification for GEP via Passport Seva System to obtain clearance from Regional Passport Office within whose jurisdiction you currently reside.We offer a new service – Ukrainian Passport Instant Validity Check. This option will be useful if you, for example, meeting with Ukrainian women on dating sites, do business with strangers from Ukraine or buying something in Ukraine. Even if the validity of the passport is confirmed, additional investigation of the passport owner may be a good idea. This is the most common scams with Ukrainian passports we met during 5 years of our experience.A Certificate Revocation List (CRL) contains certificates which should no longer be used for document verification. (In some cases this information is given in the form of a distinguished name, serial number, and certificate thumbprint which may be enough to check whether a claimed CSC is valid.) Philippe Teuwen did some research into which manufacturers provide technology for which countries.The ICAO PKD currently provides dumps of the read-only PKD for download (for non-commercial personal use).

Applicants are requested to apply online which will ensure that the passports are delivered without any typographical errors since the applicants have themselves fed the data. Refer Steps to Apply for Background Verification of GEP.Te German BSI has a list of CSCs in a so-called CSCA Master List.Adam Laurie also maintains a list of DSCs read from passports from different countries. Some other countries, while not offering their CSC certificate for download, do provide some information.(But please, don't trust us, go to your government's server, see if you trust it, and download the certificate yourself!

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) Some countries also distribute their DSCs and CSCs through a central infrastructure called the ICAO PKD.Auto-Renewals We accept machine readable passport codes from ALL countries with the exception of those issued in the Philippines and Bangladesh prior to 2010.

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