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No one can modify those data without having access to the server. If you want, you can use get method, just change method=”get” and replace $_POST with $_GET – that’s all.In this example, you will need two files as below with correspondence names. These files are commented enough to understand what’s going on. We used text inputs, password inputs, number inputs, radio button inputs and a textarea input. This PHP syntax is shorthand for echoing a variable inline (see this post for more on PHP Shorthand Syntax) and “@” as prefix on any expression in PHP, any error messages that might be generated by that expression will be ignored.I display errors in the label of the form field between tags.I can then use CSS to style my errors, most often by making them red.From a security perspective, you have to keep in mind that it is possible to post data to a web form without loading the form and its client side code.If you develop using a PHP framework such as Cake PHP, there is a built in validation system that makes validating form data trivial.There are also a number of third party scripts and libraries available that can provide a series of handy classes for validating form data.These libraries can be great time savers but for various reasons, you may need to write your own form validation routines.

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We cannot relay on data that are only validated in client side because a expert level user may change those data before submission to the server.

We used “@” in case if the variable is not set, it won’t show any error.