Validating fonts

28-Oct-2019 21:27

At this point, the browser could dispatch a new request and fetch the new full response.

However, that’s inefficient because if the resource hasn't changed, then there's no reason to download the same information that's already in cache!

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ps3 information board not updating

This directive specifies the maximum time in seconds that the fetched response is allowed to be reused from the time of the request.Check your server documentation for the necessary configuration flags.Tip: The HTML5 Boilerplate project contains sample configuration files for all the most popular servers with detailed comments for each configuration flag and setting.Fetching something over the network is both slow and expensive.

Large responses require many roundtrips between the client and server, which delays when they are available and when the browser can process them, and also incurs data costs for the visitor.Find your favorite server in the list, look for the appropriate settings, and copy/confirm that your server is configured with the recommended settings.