Updating ntelos phones

10-Oct-2019 16:16

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But upgrading and improving the coverage in those areas will benefit both of us.

So I guess to kind of a summarize, things are better Barry, there are still some issues that we're addressing.

Let me be clear, during the migration the n Telos customers will be able to continue to use their phones and will have at least the level of service they have today.

One improvement upon closing will be updating all the n Telos phones to allow them to roam on the Sprint LTE network.

We continue to have very low dropped and blocked calls. Currently, we have our fiber build to 217 cell sites, a 174 of our sites and 43 of others. Let me conclude by giving you an update on n Telos, overall we are very pleased with our progress and excited to get started.

We have received all government approvals necessary except for the FCC.

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Our average speed is approximately 4 megabit, but that doesn’t reflect the impact of the 2.5 spectrum.

At the limited 2.5 sites in service, we are seeing typical speeds between 10 and 40 megabits.