Updating machine version file

22-Sep-2019 01:21

The update Resource Endpoint in the linked service is of the format: You can get values for place holders in the URL when querying the web service on the Azure Machine Learning Web Services Portal.The new type of update resource endpoint requires service principal authentication. If you are looking for updates, Support has ended for Office 2007.To use the newest features and get the most up-to-date security updates, we recommend you get the latest version of Office. If you are looking for updates, Support has ended for Office 2003.Java Update is a feature that keeps your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest Java releases.

As part of the process of operationalizing Azure Machine Learning models, your model is trained and saved.By enabling your system to check for the latest version, you keep your system secure with the latest patch updates.We strongly recommend that you do not disable the update feature.Refer to Retrain a Machine Learning Model for details about how you can retrain a model in Azure Machine Learning. With Batch Execution activity and Update Resource activity, you can operationalize the Azure Machine Learning model retraining and updating the predictive Web Service using Data Factory.

The following picture depicts the relationship between training and predictive Web Services.Until the update is completed, this process will remind you that a newer secure version is available for your system.

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