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23-Feb-2020 09:10

version installed) This will update all packages in the current environment to the latest version -- with the small print being that it may use an older version of some packages in order to satisfy dependency constraints (often this won't be necessary and when it is necessary the package plan solver will do its best to minimize the impact).

This needs to be executed from the command line, and the best way to get there is from Anaconda Navigator, then the "Environments" tab, then click on the triangle beside the environment).

to connect to the Special Administrative Console (SAC) of your Windows instance.

You can use the SAC to troubleshoot a Windows instance if you can't connect to it via Remote Desktop.

If you have other environments you'd like to update you can repeat the process above, but first click on the environment.

When it is selected there is a triangular marker on the right (see image above, step 3).

A host key is a key pair that identifies a particular host or machine.

When you connect to a remote host, the host key is used to verify that you are connecting to the intended machine.

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This section describes how to use the interactive serial console.To store host keys as guest attributes, complete the following steps: NAMESPACE KEY VALUE hostkeys ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 AAAAE2Vj ZHNh LXNo YTItbmlzd HAy NTYAAAAIbmlzd HAy NTYAAABBBBJAGp Tm V3m Fx BTHK1NIu9a7k VQWa Hs ZVa FUsq F8c Lx QRQ N96/Djiiuz1tuc HQ8v BTJI= hostkeys ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3Nza C1l ZDI1NTE5AAAAIM/WYBn3j IEW5t3BZumx0X/Htm61J6S9Fc U8L hostkeys ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nza C1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDU3j Re R/Mo Sttl WYfau W6q Eq S2dhe5 Zdd3gu Yk2H7Zyxbl Nu P56n Ol/IMuni Vms Fa9v8W6MEx Viu6G5Cy4i Iesot09 1hsgk G0U7sb Wr XM10PQ8pnp I3B5arpl Ci EMh Rt Xy64rl W3Nx156b Ldcxv5l 7Unu4Ivi Kl Y43uqqw Sy Tv V8q4Thp Q9d Nbk1Gg838 Kzazljz Hahtb Ia E1rm I0L1l Uq Ki KLSLKu Bgr I2Y/WSuqvq GEz b MH7Ri4ht 7s Awykph6Fb Og Kqo BI h VWBo38/Na/g Euvtmg ULUw K xy9z Wg9k8k/Qtihc6El9GD9y You can connect to Windows instances by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in the Google Cloud Platform Console or through a graphical user interface.

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