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For DCF, fill out the DS-260 on-line after the embassy gives you your case number.

The form is done on-line in the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC).

Financial disclosures make an impression on immigration officers, positive or negative.

It helps to be working with a qualified immigration attorney on immigration filings and file correctly the first time. employment over the minimum required for green card, fiance visa, and marriage visa processing.

For fiance visa processing, you must have stable earnings more than the base income level set by the For families / households with more than 8 persons, add ,080 for a fiance visa and ,350 for a marriage visa for each additional person. If you have enquiries please fill out and submit our free evaluation form or call us to discuss your situation and how we may help.

The online immigrant visa application, DS-260, is the application specifically for the Department of State (DOS) for an IR-1 and CR-1 Spouse Visas.

Therefore, complete the form during the DOS NVC Phase.

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Your spouse needs a passport from his/her foreign country by this point.Regardless, your most recent personal income tax returns are the most important core document under consideration. The amount of equity required is more than three times earnings.Prior years are only relevant to help show stability and a history of earnings. military stationed or on deployment overseas, and also for Department of Defense contractors. Assets in lieu of earnings is generally not allowed for fiance visa processing.The amount of income in prior years is not generally very important. Assets can help show stability where earnings are modest. consulate in Manila who will not currently allow a financial joint sponsor for fiance visa processing.

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For a fiance visa, income must be proven at the end of case processing. Nearly all consulates will allow a financial cosponsor for either fiance or spousal visa processing. In Manila, you must qualify on your own or your fiance will be denied the fiance visa.Some mistakes are irreversible and will put your family member at risk. Generally, you must show enough income during a calendar year so that your tax returns will show more than the minimum required. Income that is just over the minimum fiance visa income requirements is less stable than a greater income level. Unemployment earnings combined with a new job can possibly show stability.