Twitterfeed not updating

29-Jan-2020 21:34

Last I recalled, an elevation tag in Revit is supposed to update to reflect the detail and sheet info once placed on a sheet, no matter what. I could change the detail number in properties for the elevation and it would show on the sheet and in properties as having updated, but the marker itself would not update. I also found that the marker would resume displaying updates to the detail number on a consistent basis provided it cut building geometry.

If the extents of the marker view depth did not cross any geometry, it would not update the detail number if updated.

The address/URL of the feed will vary, depending on the blogging platform used, sbut you can select from multiple formats of feeds, ‘RSS 2.0’ or ‘Atom format’ are the most likely to work with twitterfeed.

So, another temporary solution would be to ensure the depth of the elevation view touches or cuts through building geometry.