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Purpose-built for customer experience (CX), Clarabridge enables thousands of global brands manage their customer feedback and interaction as a big data problem and empower them to transcend from insights to action. number of UK/other contact centres using the product: The solution is currently used by a range of customers across industries and supports 50-70 contact centers across these customers.

Typical customers: “Clarabridge enhances our auditing procedures to ensure quality and enforce retraining.

Also, Customer Sure’s technical team aim to surprise every person who requests support by delivering a fast response that not only fixes their problem but understands their business needs. number of UK customers using the product: Approx 50, with team sizes ranging from 10-300.As the application is modular it allows further applications to be added to improve functionality or customer satisfaction.” Product Name: Scorebuddy QA Brief overview of product: Scorebuddy is a Cloud based staff Quality Assessment (QA) tool used by contact centres to measure and improve overall staff performance.Functionality ensures the handling of all forms of customer interactions, ultimately leading to enhanced end-user customer experience. Over the last year, since our last award from CCH we have been busily improving our solution.I like the way the product is explained simply and how the product is positioned in how it would work for your business in particular.” “We work well with the vendor, who is always willing to listen, understand our request and then advise and work with us to resolution.

This has allowed us to automate and integrated their solution into our everyday activities.

Whatever your CX plans, have a clear plan for success. When you need from the ground up with a collaborative, pragmatic, iterative approach, confidently consider Liberty Contact Centre. The Liberty Contact Centre solution is intuitive and easy to use for everyone. number of UK customers using the product: More than 150 UK contact centres are using Netcall Liberty Contact Centre which we estimate equates to over 15,000 total agents.