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10-Dec-2019 23:26

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Empathy is the ability to walk a day in someone else’s shoes.What that means is that you can see someone else’s situation and realize that we all have our own challenges and that no one has it easier.The key to any relationship is that you are both on the same emotional maturity level.Your emotional maturity is the ability that you have to deal with situations and to communicate with other people.“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me” is one of the worst phrases ever.

Am I able to distinguish what's important and what's not in my life? It's important we don't let ourselves remain within the stagnant and unhealthy patterns we often learn as children; everyone around us benefits when we act with maturity, as our lives take on a higher quality and a deeper meaning. Do I think before I act in order to make the best choices? Am I able to accept responsibility for my mistakes? I know people who are 19 but act as if they are 20, and then I know people who are 20 and make 10-year-olds look mature.

Maturity is not about puberty or age; it is about where you are emotionally.

Emotional maturity is a difficult thing because it comes not just from the time you have walked the earth, but it also includes the things that you have gone through and your life experiences.