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Since June 2004, we have made over 200,000 grants and awarded over £9 billion to projects that have benefited millions of people.

We are passionate about funding great ideas that matter to communities and make a difference to people’s lives.

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that when people are in the lead, communities thrive.

Birthday, engagement, wedding, when you first met... I have been intentional about filling my home with meaningful decor, and this makes me smile every time I look at it. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays hands down. Surprising Jake with a map of the constellations from the day we were married from @underluckystars made it that much better this year. Such an amazing gift to mark an important time in your life. We hired a NASA engineer to validate the scientific accuracy of our maps so you can be sure that you are always getting an accurate star map for the most important moments of your life. The product is the highest quality smooth art print on 240 GMS papers. To the US, the EU and Australia we estimate 7-10 calendar days, to Latin America 14-31 days, and to the rest of the world 10-21 days. You can design, preview and order your beautiful print on our website. Last year it awarded over £93 million to projects across the UK supporting people with disabilities, and a quarter of projects it invested in were designed to support improved mental wellbeing.

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