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He explained the reason for the obligations which Great Britain had undertaken in the Continent of Europe.

I do not believe there is anyone who will question my sincerity when I say there is hardly anything I would not sacrifice for peace.

But the events which have taken place this week in complete disregard of the principles laid down by the German Government itself seem to fall into a different category, and they must cause us all to be asking ourselves: "Is this the end of an old adventure, or is it the beginning of a new?

As to the method, we (His Majesty's Government) wish to express our clear view that direct discussion on equal terms between the parties is the proper means" (No.

As regards Ruthenia, the occupation of Ruthenia by Hungary, which began on the 14th March, has also proceeded.75) On the 29th August the Prime Minister once more explained in the House of Commons the British standpoint (No.

89) on the subject of direct German-Polish negotiations, M.

would even in the end join in sharing the Polish spoils" (No.

Kennard reported that the German press campaign about the persecution of the German minority in Poland was a "gross distortion and exaggeration of the facts" (No.On the 16th June Viscount Halifax again denied to the German Ambassador in London that Great Britain or any other Power was "encircling" Germany (No.