Skating rink dating

29-Sep-2019 13:34

“Why you act like a girl,” Londarrien Rawls hissed as he skated past the slightly older reveler.“Leave me alone,” glared Hampton Mc Kinney as he recoiled from the shove his bully delivered.“We should beat his ass,” snarled Hampton’s best friend Jasmine.“It’s not worth it.He’s in like the eighth grade and probably has a troubled home life,” the straight ‘A’ student played it off.“Well, you know I don’t mind.”“Yes, girl.He went into the utility room which had a small hole that made his Uncle Murk’s man cave visible.

He headed out the door with his head buried in his phone texting this friend and that.The rink converts from an ice-skating rink during the winter months to a swimming pool in the summer.