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He did, however, leave behind a bunch of sad-faced, not-entirely-shocked individuals in their 30s and 40s who had grown up listening to his raspy, soulful croon and seizure-like antics on stage. But this is not another piece about Weiland’s genius, or even his impact on the music scene.This is a piece about his impact on me, and what I learned about love and shame at an extremely impressionable time in my life.nlike most people who commented on his death, I am relatively young.Initial pieces were quick to dub him one of the most iconic voices of the 90s, while those that came out later (especially one penned by his ex wife in Rolling Stone) called for us to cease glorifying of someone with a less-than-stellar record as a partner and family man.Weiland was 48 at the time of his death, and for all intents and purposes, didn’t exactly die prematurely, given his penchant for partying, heroin, and regularly squeezing into women’s jeans.

In my mind, comparing Weiland to other major heartthrobs of that time wasn’t that far off — Gavin Rossdale was a fellow rocker in tight pants, and both Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio had feminine features and long, flaxen hair. I disclosed my crush to my two closest friends, who while incredulous, didn’t ditch me (one of whom, 20 years later, sent me a text with condolences last Friday).

Like an animal, I was marking my territory at the same time, proudly showing off my prize while essentially telling the other girls to back off.

And yet I am almost certain that had she said “who’s that?

Why does it matter at all that your friends approve of your mates, or even something as simple as a crush?

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Disclosing such personal information is a gateway to getting close to someone, and yet far too often, our initial response is criticism.” or not said anything at all, I too would’ve remained silent and changed the subject. This is a ridiculously huge question with roots in evolutionary theory, none of which I’ll get into now given I know “nothin’ about nothin’”**, and per my previous posts, research is hard.

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But I did and we are no more, but it all depends on your partner and if you are truly and I mean TRULY honest with her about your chatting and she would not be offended. That is why we make a commitment to those we truly love and honesty is only thing you have that she can believe in you.… continue reading »

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