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15-Nov-2019 20:42

sccm collection membership not updating-48

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For some reason my SCCM collections are refusing to update. My scope is domain machines and that portion is working fine.

You can create a collection of all computers that do not have Microsoft Office 2013 installed and then deploy it to all computers in that collection.

I’ve explained this discovery process in the video tutorial.

When you specify a group to discover, SCCM discovers the members of that AD security group and any nested AD security groups.

Which I could update to and see if its sorted, but they do specify many issues can carry accross in the upgrade so it's best to get them sorted first. Now the hourglass just wont go away, have had it there for over a week. SCCM has a habit of doing some decent logging, what about the log files on the server and viewing them with cmtrace when you try and add to a collection i've troubleshot several problems with the existing sccm at work and have used the logfiles many times to work out whats going on (or what was not) hasn't been any changes to account rights on sccm itself, or any of the service / network accounts your system uses?

I went to google it yesterday and came across the fact there's a new SCCM version (current branch). So I'm doing this and they are not moving and the hourglass appears.For example, you could create a collection of all computers in the "London Headquarters" Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU).

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