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There are also 4 different bus routes you can take, depending on your destination.

If you are visiting a more obscure village then you’ll have to check at the airport about the best bus number to get you there.

If you are on a budget then try to avoid the peak times when schools break up for holidays as this will drive up the price of your flight tickets.

Flights from Boston to Malta last around nine hours and 20 minutes from takeoff to landing, and flights from Los Angeles last around 14 hours.

Public transportation consists of a dependable network of orange buses that service the entirety of Malta, including all major beaches, resort areas and cities.

Malta is far too small to need air links, although Malta Air Charter offers helicopter service from Malta to Gozo.

Try booking your flight to Malta for an October visit.

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Off Season: Cheap flights to Malta are far easier to come by in the fall and spring, when the rowdy revelry of the summer tourist boom has subsided and the temperatures cool down.

While many travelers choose to lay alongside the island’s blue waters and sandy beaches, other travelers enjoy the modernized version of Malta – recently built up with high-rise resorts and luxury beachfront properties.

Still, the charm of Malta remains in the island’s history.

Pack for the mild Mediterranean climate of Malta with plenty of jeans, capris and short-sleeved shirts that fit a smart-casual vibe, and don’t forget a few layering options for the cooler winters and evenings.

If you’re planning to enter some of the beautiful churches and cathedrals, be sure to pack conservative outfits that cover the knees and shoulders.That said, flights to Malta are full particularly between the months of May and September.