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08-Mar-2020 19:16

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I recently decided to revisit Breath of the Wild after deleting the data off my console to make room for other games, but found that the update data is now too large to fit on my system's memory.

Even clearing all the game data through the Settings leaves me about 1 GB short.

Elsewhere, the update adds the ability to share screenshots to social networks, adds support for USB keyboards and adds the ability to automatically receive recommended software and demos from Nintendo using Spot Pass.

The list of changes in full is on Nintendo's website.

Come check out my reviews at Wii Ware Wave, "The Friendliest Nintendo site on the 'Net." Nintendo Network ID: bro2dragons | Twitter: Cody Muzio MAYBE you could delete Smash Bros. It's just a hunch and is based on you not having the disc version, but that's the only potential solution I can think of. I had the exact same problem yesterday — I downloaded the new DLC and went to launch Smash (disc version), but the game wouldn't launch because I did not have enough space to download the update.

Like you, my Smash data was on my nearly full internal Wii U HD, but I have an external HD with plenty of space.

I actually tried contacting Nintendo support first and they weren't able to provide any solution outside of generic ones that didn't help, so I'm just hoping someone else has encountered this and solved it.

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It has a new update today to support Corrin and all that so I try to boot up the game.

Regardless of whatever quirk was the culprit, you are a hero and saved me hours grief/quite a few bucks.

Nintendo has said it is ending the production of Wii U hardware in Japan, and that it will not ship any more Wii U consoles to U. retailers during this fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2017.

You'll just have to wait for the hackers to figure it out.

This two-part video tutorial from Oz Mod Chips show a detailed instructional on how to install a solderless mod chip in a Nintendo Wii.

I fear my only solution is buying a 32GB Wii U and doing a system transfer, which would cost 0 and yield zero other benefits. It's just a hunch and is based on you not having the disc version, but that's the only potential solution I can think of.