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Although most of his paintings have been lost, some engravings were copied from the originals and published in 1591 by a Flemish company.

Among these is a depiction of the burial of an aboriginal Floridian tribal chief, an occasion of great mourning and ceremony.

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He produced a series of watercolor paintings depicting scenes of native life.Many different tribal groups and chiefdoms, involving an array of beliefs and unique cultures over thousands of years, built mounds as expressions of their cultures.The general term, "mound builder", covered their shared architectural practice of earthwork mound construction.They were generally built as part of complex villages.

The early earthworks built in Louisiana around 3500 BCE are the only ones known to have been built by a hunter-gatherer culture.

A mound diagram of the platform mound showing the multiple layers of mound construction, mound structures such as temples or mortuaries, ramps with log stairs, and prior structures under later layers, multiple terraces, and intrusive burials The namesake cultural trait of the Mound Builders was the building of mounds and other earthworks.