Nordic laboratory for luminescence dating

26-Feb-2020 22:46

It uses various methods to stimulate and measure luminescence.

It includes techniques such as optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL), and thermoluminescence dating (TL).

OSL dating techniques have been predominantly developed for quartz and feldspar as target minerals.

Although the quartz luminescence signal is more stable than that of feldspar (Aitken, 1985), it is not always possible to find samples with a useful quartz sensitivity when dating solid rocks (Sohbati ., 2011); however earlier studies have shown that the infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) signal in blue emission band from coarse grains is mainly associated with K-rich feldspar (e.g. Unfortunately, the conventional IRSL signal suffers from anomalous or athermal fading (Wintle, 1973; Aitken, 1985; Spooner, 1994) and as a result has proved to be of limited value in dating.

Buylaert , but there is little information on the performance of the single-aliquot regeneration-dose (SAR) measurement protocol (Murray and Wintle, 2000) on the p IRIR signal from rock slices. Sample preparation and luminescence signal measurements were carried out at the Institute of Geology (China Earthquake Administration, China) and at the Nordic Laboratory for Luminescence Dating, Aarhus University, Denmark and Center for Nuclear Technologies (DTU Nutech), Technical University of Denmark.

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Once the concentrations of these three elements are known, conversion factors enable the calculation of the radiation dose rate (Adamiec and Aitken 1998).The surface slices were treated with 10% HF for 30–40 min and 10% HCl for 20 min to remove any weathering products.Welcome to the USGS Luminescence Dating Laboratory Site.In natural settings, ionizing radiation (U, Th, Rb, & K ) is absorbed and stored by sediments in the crystal lattice.

This stored radiation dose can be evicted with stimulation and released as luminescence.For rock slices given a saturation dose in the laboratory, it is observed that the sensitivity corrected p IRIR signal from naturally saturated slices lies close to the laboratory saturation levels only for higher first IR stimulation temperatures e.g. Our data confirm earlier suggestions based on sand-grain measurements that, for older samples, accurate measurements close to saturation require that a higher first IR temperature is used.

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