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A gift card may seem like the perfect gift, especially in these last hectic days of holiday shopping.

But if you’re not careful, your recipient could be left with a worthless present, and you could be left with egg on your face.

These sites buy gift cards for less than face value, but also charge less than face value to shoppers.

The savings aren't astronomical (you're looking at around to per card) and popular retailers tend to tout the lowest discount. Warehouse stores Sam's Club and Costco are known to sell new gift cards at a discount.

Digital gift cards are easier to keep track of (they literally just hang out in your inbox). They carry less fees than general-purpose gift cards sold by banks or credit card issuers.

In fact, they usually carry no fees, while general-purpose gift cards almost always at least charge a purchase fee.

But the best way to avoid issues is to avoid stores on shaky financial footing. When buying gift cards from store racks, never pick the card on top.After copying the card’s numbers, they’ll call the company, see if the card is active, then use it online, Ulzheimer warned on