Nexus error updating group repository metadata

31-Oct-2019 01:47

The tool we're using is a vendor product by CA called Nolio (this is a continuous deployment application).The Maven project is producing multiple sub-artifact files (, among others), all produced and deployed using Gradle.Skipping the part means that your implementation of Maven metadata is just half-implemented.As explained in my previous reply, It's fine to not implement the metadata for Maven plugins./archive/org.richfaces.ui/modal-panel/3.3.4-20100504.135704-4/modal-panel-3.3.4[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ERROR] BUILD ERROR [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Error installing artifact's metadata: Error while deploying metadata: Failed to create destination Web DAV collection (directory): /nexus/content/repositories/snapshots/org/richfaces/ui/modal-panel/3.3.4-SNAPSHOT Connection refused It does not happen at the same point in the build. See bottom of: Faces-3.3/566/consoleand Faces-3.3/565/console The time was it was created is exactly the time that the build shows. Rich Faces does have alot of component, especially the 3.3. This is how your IDE knows which class is coming from which dependency. Let me know, if you need any help with further explanations. Unfortunately, I am not as familiar with the Gradle codebase, as I am with Maven, so I don't think I'll be able to prepare a pull for this myself, but feel free to ask, if you have any questions on how this should work.So, basically, by not properly supporting this there are many things that would be affected. can be accepted by most maven clients - they know repository drops the support of non-timestamped snapshots, so they fetch the metadata, get the timestamp and build Number, then concatenate them and request that artifact.

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I really don't understand the purpose of listing each snapshot artifact, since the same indexing information isn't published anywhere for non-SNAPSHOT artifacts, AFAIK.From what I'm seeing across the internet, people seem to be relying on the artifact repository manager to rebuild the Maven metadata for them. This is not the correct way of doing things, as it's the responsibility of the build tool to be taking care of this.Also, if they were to rely on this, who knows when the scheduled task would kick in...Does Maven provide tooling for cleaning up stale SNAPSHOTs, including updating maven-metadata.xml?

Having historic SNAPSHOT versions in the metadata means that this will no longer be a simple matter of removing the old files. Artifact repository managers have cron tasks that can be configured to keep the last X number of built snapshots and clear up the older ones. In conclusion, I would like to recommend that you consider this potentially breaking change as part of your next release.In a way I might agree that this is only for snapshots, but...

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