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26-Nov-2019 10:09

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Natali Del Conte Well, I am anchor for CNET TV and I am a correspondent for the CBS Early Show.

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So everybody here knows about tech so we can talk about topics till we’re blue in the face, and that’s what we’re going to do. Becky Worley Okay I just – it was just too weird that everybody else was plugging, but I just needed to stop for a second. Becky Worley [indiscernible] look like the Black Berry Storm? I played with the HTC Magic recently and I really liked it and I think Android is a great operating system. It’s 300 bucks, but when we’re talking about all these fancy expensive phones usually yeah, they are tied into contracts and for me Jo Shmo, I want something that I have no contract and you know it’s all on one kind of device, so. Becky Worley a month all included is pretty awesome. Yes, yes and the phones are 300 bucks and it’s pretty cool. Natali Del Conte Today, i Phone is on my poo-poo list because I thought that i Phones… Becky Worley I think that this is really, you either play the correspondent card or you go into the Apple store and cry. Natali Del Conte See, I’m so uncomfortable with – to do that. Carlos Rodela Yes, yes by the minute, by the minute actually. It’s like 1.50 to two bucks a day for a 24 hour period.

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But yes I mean talking about Jo Shmo, this phone right here, unlimited text data, voice and everything like that. So I feel like I’ve been chasing my head, it’s like a möbius strip. Natali Del Conte I used a Visa, just a regular Visa. Dvorak Because you known, with an Amex Card you can just say, no I’m not going to pay this and then a dispute comes into play. Natali Del Conte I guess, I think, I’m going to have to send the phone back. I just want a phone that I can just pay quick and just be done with it. Dvorak Are you getting paid by these guys by the way? Becky Worley Well, they also have those deals with Verizon and AT&T now where you can pay by the day.

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