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I can’t believe that after all this time I have to let it go, but you have to cast somebody else.” ’ 'No, you don’t understand.I promised her we would stay at home.’ 'But you can find a bed for her out in California. No problem.’ 'This is the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make.’ It wasn’t long after hanging up and trying to think of possible replacements, Cianfrance says, that he realised 'the fact that she had made such a selfless decision as that was the reason she was the only one who could play the part, so I called her back the next day and told her, “Look, Michelle, this movie has never been about the place, it’s always been about the people, the heart and soul of it. 'That’s the best thing that anyone’s ever offered me.’ Cianfrance located Williams’s house on the map, drew a radius of exactly one hour’s travelling distance around it, and then picked his locations for the film within that area.In December 2008 the film director Derek Cianfrance phoned Michelle Williams with good news: he had secured the money for Blue Valentine, the film project – about a disintegrating marriage – that they had been trying to get off the ground for five years. 'I promised her that I’d take her to school every morning and tuck her into bed every night, and that we were going to stay in one place,’ Williams recalls.

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Dressed in a fur-lined parka jacket, a beautiful vintage dress, a boyish coif of newly blond hair, she is a far cry from the pallid creature stalked by the paparazzi over the past few years. ’ Williams’s publicist has warned me off any direct questions about Ledger, and yet he is hard to avoid.In one of the few films she shot during this period, Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, she played a ghost who crumbled to ash at the slightest touch.

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