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So if you prefer burpees and protein shakes to steak and red wine – this could be the perfect first date for you.At the end of each circuit there is a one-minute resting period so you can talk to prospective lovers. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to take part.The class has been designed to be as inclusive as possible, with a mixture of exercises to suit all [email protected] Speed Dating is coming to #ESCC at the @Albany Cap Center! #Empire State #Albany #New York #escomiccon Ose Kn Fo Uf @cscomiccon Fans! Sign up in person at the show for @Geek Speed Dating! #Happy Valentines Day BR6Gu Sh You are going to absolutely SCREAM when you see who our next guest is...

Please join us in welcoming Neve Campbell to this year's Motor City Comic Con!

The latest craze for single fitness nuts is date-ercise. Is breathless, sweaty speed dating the antidote to soulless swiping that we all need? ‘Date-ercise is just like any other fitness class, with the twist that everyone is single and wanting to meet somebody,’ explains founder Keith Mcniven.