Liberal progressive dating

06-Mar-2020 08:17

It's probably one of the harder differences to get over.

That being said you aren't actually conservative you are libertarian so you can play up the social aspects, and play down the economic stuff.

I can respect some other views in other areas, but if you're a harsh prison sentences person, think freer trade is generally bad, or think that welfare abuse is a really big problem* we are not going to get along.*I have never met a person who genuinely thought welfare abuse was a huge issue who wasn't super privileged.

Basically everyone else seems to understand that welfare as a way of life isn't a preferred option for basically anyone, and if there are lots of people on welfare, it's a symptom of poor education, impoverishment, and other root causes.

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Where we can differ is how to address those root causes, but only within reason. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . A stated obligation to help one's fellow human beings similarly increases the likelihood of success on Ok Cupid — by 72%. Substance, smarts — and more importantly, strength — have never been sexier."Other issues that lead women to meet their match online include supporting education, advocating for a free press, believing in the separation of church and state, taking an open-minded approach to sexuality, and harboring a disdain for typos. I describe myself as socially liberal (support gay rights, pro choice etc) and conservative in other aeas (welfare , borders)Started dating a girl and we've gone offical, but she says my conservatism worries her and is the one major obstacle. I'm pretty conservative, and I've dated very liberal women in the past. I think the key to making this work is to respectfully discuss the things you disagree on and understand one another's position.

We had arguments about politics before (one of the women and I worked on a newspaper together) but at the end of the day her views on things outside of our relationship didn't change how I felt about her at the time. Are there specific issues that you disagree on that bother her? Can she respect your opinion even if it differs from hers? She was so angry at me, and every time I got out of a speeding ticket or got something she'd claim it was my "white privilege" or something along that line.

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