Katie price dating danny cipriani

09-Feb-2020 04:55

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Price said that she was "under [Cipriani's] spell" when dating him, despite the 25-year-old refusing to be seen in public with her.

Following his relationship with Price, Cipriani reunited with former girlfriend Kelly Brook.

At the time, it was frustrating." Australian model Lara thought she was the one for Danny, but he ended up losing interest and dumped her when she least expected it.

In the weeks before they split, she told Who Magazine that she had already "fallen in love with Danny".

Price's latest book, , Price wrote: "My gut instinct had been spot on, Danny, who was supposed to be my boyfriend, was having sex with another woman. He rushed out of the room." Despite the confrontation, Price said that she was prepared to continue the relationship.

"'Hiya,' I said - sounding calm even though I felt anything but." She continued: "I marched up to him and flicked his **** with my hand. She apparently told Cipriani: "Danny, I want you to know that I forgive you, but I never forget.'" The relationship later ended when Cipriani returned to Australia to join his rugby squad.

(and I do mean underneath)." Price told the "gorgeous" Brook that she shouldn't "expect any sort of meaningful apology any time soon", adding that she should "take a leaf out of my book and follow the old adage that revenge is a dish best served cold".

She explained: "If you choose, your time will come to humiliate him in the same way he has humiliated you, me - and many others.

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Katie wrote: "In my experience he was a bit – erm – lean in the most obvious departments. He can no longer hit the right spots on the rugby field and he certainly can’t find them on a woman." Danny later told The Sun: "I have no ill feeling towards that and it’s just how it is.Lara's reps eventually confirmed that she'd been shocked to see the romance end without any warning.

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