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Even in an environment in which cops are doing their best to sweep the streets of anything and everything illegal, Luke is able to continue pushing around his ice cream wagon full of contraband.

When it comes to kids his own age, Luke is friendless. Jeff Squires (Ben Kingsley), who offers Luke therapy in exchange for pot.

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She graduating from High School and she went to University of Amsterdam and later she enrolled herself into Columbia University.The doctor's life lessons often sound like passages out of new age self-help manuals, and his key teaching is that Luke needs to get laid. Squires advises Luke to find a girl, get to know her, then give her a kiss she'll never forget.Luke takes this message to heart and hones in on his secret crush: Stephanie (Olivia Thirlby), who just happens to be Dr. Calling a movie set in 1994 a "period piece" may seem odd, but watching The Wackness emphasizes how much things have shifted in less than 15 years.By July, he's hanging out with Stephanie, taking her on his rounds selling pot out of an ice-cream pushcart. In the background, Squires and his wife as well as Luke's parents are having their troubles.

The first song played is during the "Impure Thoughts" subway scene with the Hip Hop girls dancing was originally "Bonita Applebaum" by A Tribe Called Quest, once the movie was added to streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle etc.) it was changed to "The World Is Yours" by Nas most likely due to Copy Rights.

Friendship, love, and coming of age in New York City, summer of 1994.