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The rare metal-bearing granitic rocks and pegmatites show a clear linear relationship between A/CNK and A/NK and are enriched in total alkalis and depleted in Ca O, Fe O, Mn O, Mg O, Ba and Sr.

All barren rocks and mineralized rocks feature similar rare earth element and trace element geochemical patterns.

This has led many traditional sources to attribute authorship of the entire text to Laozi, so the text exists under a variety of honorific titles that link it to him.

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Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating yields a concordia age of 217±1.1 Ma and a weighted mean U age of 217±0.84 Ma for the aplite from the No. Cassiterite LA-MC-ICPMS dating yields concordant ages of 211±4.6 Ma for the No. 133 pegmatite vein, indicating that the rare metal mineralization mainly occurred in the Late Indosinian Period, further suggesting that the granites, aplites and pegmatites in Jiajika formed during a relatively stable stage after the intense orogeny of the Indosinian cycle.The Daozang "Daoist Canon" includes eight Qingjing jing editions with variant titles.

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