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Run As Process(Code To Run Elevated secure Code) at Microsoft. Forms including different pieces of information are submitted by users and this data must be approved by another users.

Run With Elevated Privileges(Wait Callback secure Code, Object param) at Microsoft. The second part of the code is about creating and injecting the contexts: On the week I got a task for creating a simple routing workflow.

But unfortunately, Share Point list/library doesn’t have events like Content Approved, Content Rejected, Content Requested For Review so that user can tap the events to do their own work on content approval status changes.

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So when user add/edit an item and as part of the add/edit if approval status field get updated then which events to fire? So consider now the problem we’re going to talk about.Another important difference from the former one is that at the scheduling conflict it was an end-user issue (a business user caused the conflict in the project plan scheduling), and in the case I’m writing about now, it was a mistake of an administrator plus a suboptimal code block in Queue: General Queue Job Failed (26000) – Managed Mode Task Synchronization. Details: id=’26000′ name=’General Queue Job Failed’ uid=’46918ff3-3719-e611-80f4-005056b44e32′ Job UID=’adcad466-44bd-444b-a803-073fd12a2426′ Computer Name=’4fc61930-ef50-461b-b9ef-084a666c61ca’ Group Type=’Managed Mode Task Synchronization’ Message Type=’Synchronize Task List In Managed Mode Message’ Message Id=’1′ Stage=” Correlation UID=’cd56b408-a303-0002-d428-98cd03a3d101′.