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I do know I don't really feel good right now, but I don't want to over-react. (Oh and if it matters we are both 24)You say things are 'intimate.' Do you mean in a physical sense? I suppose both count toward a relationship, but if things are physical between you two then it's more likely that you're in a relationship. Tell her that she has to make up for missing Valentine's day in a PLAYFUL way. If there's a chance of you coming off as serious then don't do it.And I don't think she meant to hurt you with the anti Valentine's thing. Maybe she hasn't bought into the being romantic on Valentine's day thing? If things get heavy when you say it, it might make her uncomfortable.If anything, it's because she had that planned out Don't let it bother you. Other than that it sounds like you're doing okay.If you show any signs of weakness over a little thing like this, then things will only get worse when legitimately bad things happen. Just keep making her laugh, get closer, and get When I said intimate I meant physical mainly I just didn't want to be too explicit. As far as emotion well it's been a lot of that too.I guess deep down this is likely the biggest reason this situation bugged me so much.

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Even though she lives around an hour away it's really easy to get there and I don't think it's a huge deal.

If things were intimate before then now it's on another level. I asked her on a date for Valentines day and she told me no.