Guy ritchie dating model

06-Dec-2019 19:07

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Not long after, representatives for both Ritchie and Madonna confirmed that they were, in fact, headed for a divorce after eight years of marriage because they couldn’t “bear to live with the pretense any longer.” Insiders speculated that the end of their marriage had a lot to do with opposing views on faith, fame, adoption, and Madonna’s close relationship with baseball player Alex Rodriguez.Although she denied that they ever had an affair, even their friendship was reportedly a problem for Ritchie. But what Ritchie is probably more famous for is his high-profile marriage to Madonna, who is 10 years older than him.The celebrity couple first met in the late 90s through a mutual friend.According to Ainsley, she believes her older man truly is her “soulmate,” adding, “I love every moment we spend together.MADONNA has recently celebrated her 60th birthday and is happily "dating" a toyboy 30 years her junior.

Rocco is a star kid which is why his every activity is watched by the media.

As per sources, Rocco is devasted after their breakup, and his ex-girlfriend was seen kissing a guy named Lee in August 2018.