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03-Nov-2019 02:14

For anyone who's coming here in 2014: Just go to Device Manager, Other Devices, right click on whatever needs a driver and Browse my computer for driver software and choose the system32 folder from your old windows. When Windows asks you for the driver CD, point it at the folder on your USB stick instead.

This is unlikely to work as many driver installers use scripted behavior to install themselves onto a system.

For example: A driver that has a system file of (Bluetooth), so if you look in the File Repository you will find a folder like this "bthpan.inf_amd64_neutral_024281c0e4e954e2" Notice that the first part matches the same name of the .sys, but has the .inf_.... There is your .sys, .inf, and any other necessary files matching the name of the file.

Now you just need to copy that folder or files to a flash drive, and bring it to the computer that isn't working. I'd slave up the old drive, and as Windows prompts for drivers, point it to the OLD system32 folder (C:\WINDOWS\system32).

Visit Stack Exchange I'm in a situation where I could do with very quickly migrating a Windows 7 (RTM x64) installation from one machine to another.

What options are open to me in terms of getting W7 to boot after the drive is picked up and moved from one box to another?

Use the windows sysprep tool with OBBE experience and don't check the generalised option, it should keep your drivers and make a ready to capture image that you can capture and install with any capture/install software (such as ghost/clonezilla/imagex...).- PC Mag, January 2017** Slim Cleaner’s system-improving tools makes it’s Editors Choice in the free PC tune-up utility category.Slim Cleaner’s community-based monitoring and tune-up tools make it a utility I will return to often for swift PC clean up.I have never done System Audit Mode after a machine is already set for use such as yourself...

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it is generally how you preinstall items before locking and giving the computer to someone.They should be extracted before being stored on such a media. Your hard drive contains many files that have hardware-specific configuration files, so plugging this into a machine with different hardware will likely give you the blue screen of death.