Funny dating games

29-Jan-2020 09:06

Ask them if they want to join the game and continue.

Variation: instead of guessing about people’s lives and characters, guess about their fantasies.

You say something you really want out of life or some impact you want to make on the world.

Your friend has to come up with a “dream team”: a group of people — ideally with names and email addresses — who would be the best on the planet for making your idea work out. Variation: instead of a dream team, respond with one question which changes the person’s sense of how to pursue their dream.#18 Director.

You have a simple rule: you will take all actions proposed unless there’s a strong reason against.#5 Social Snowball.

You’ll find a place with many people that you can observe at a distance.

You take 10 minutes to make a playlist together that lasts at least an hour.

You get it on both phones, put on earbuds, and press play simultaneously. One of you will stop and face some kind of object or scene — a tree, a fence, a building. You both contemplate the scene for a minute or two, then both give it a round of applause and continue walking.

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You set a timer and until it is finished, you agree to never reply to each others’ statements — making every statement a #7 Out of Character. When it goes off, you either agree to immediately do something risky, or you end the date. One way is if you both make a fist, and open them at the same time, and if both fists contain coins the date continues and you do something risky.

Then you trade audio tours and experience each other’s noticings and thoughts.#2 Briefcase.

Before your date, you each pack a briefcase with various props inside and an assignment to do something with the props.

So your friend gets to explore your environment remotely, through your words. You start as the “mentor”, and your friend is the person who is mentored.

You get to investigate things you never would you were in charge of your own actions. Your friend is allowed to point at anything in the environment and ask questions about it.Sitting in a safe, quiet place, you’ll each share three doubts about your life.