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The pair reconnected years later in 1923 and she was the subject of his painting, Olga Khoklova was a Russian ballet dancer who met Picasso while performing in a ballet for which he designed the costume and set.She left the ballet company and stayed with Picasso in Barcelona, later moving to Paris.Madeleine was the name of a model who posed for Picasso and became his mistress in the summer of 1904.According to Picasso, she became pregnant and had an abortion.While Picasso was still living with Olga, Marie-Thérèse became his muse and the mother of his first daughter, Maya.Walter inspired Picasso's celebrated Dora Maar was a French photographer, painter, and poet who studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and was influenced by Surrealism.

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Before meeting Picasso, she had been kept by a Russian grand duke in Moscow.

It is thought that the characters of Nicole and Dick Diver in F.

Scott Fitzgerald's In 1927, 17-year-old Marie-Thérèse Walter of Spain met 46-year-old Pablo Picasso.

She met Picasso in 1935 and became his muse and inspiration for about seven years.

She took pictures of him working in his studio and also documented him creating his famous anti-war painting, Françoise Gilot was an art student when she met Picasso met in a cafe in 1943—he was 62, she was 22.His relationship with Madeleine appears to have greatly affected Picasso, as he began drawing images of mothers with their babies around this time—as if to reflect on what might have been.