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On some occasions, th… Read more As Ashley and Laura got positioned on the bed to give Paul and Graeme a show the guys stood at the foot of the bed with there cocks in their hands, (to this day my wife loves to watch a guy wanking himself off.) the girls started to roll around groping, rubbing, licking and kissing each Ashley went down to lick Laura the guys couldn’t help themselves and jumped back on the bed.Swallowed both there loads and then spent the rest of the night just sucking and fucking them both either signally or at the s… Read more Chapter 1 So last weekend I was home alone as my wife and her mother had gone out for the evening.It got to around 11.30pm before I received the first message from my wife.Just what I needed, a drunken MIL getting in the way.So basically for as long as we have been together our sex life has been great, no complaints.From arriving at the airport and waiting on departure Laura clocked a guy and jokingly said to Sarah that she hoped he was heading to ayia Napa as well because he was hot and she joked that she would fuck him on the 1st night.Fast forward 3 days, Laura and Sarah are out in the bars and clubs in ayia Napa and who does Laura spot but the guy from the airport.

I heard them moving about and there was a tap on my door, “Can we join you in here to hide from the storm?Aramızdaki mesafenin az olmasından ve de mayo yerine iç çamaşırı olması da aslında ciddi bir fark yaratıyordu. Gözlerindeki o ışıltıyı gördükçe aslında mayodan daha farklı olduğunu anladığını hissediyordum.Normalde giysilerimin altına giydiğim bir çamaşır, onun daha ço… Read more It had started quite innocently when Stacey's mother had visited the farm late one afternoon dressed to kill at the local night spots with the young girl in tow.She becomes such a slut when we go away but this topped it off.

She Started off by telling me in detail about her first threesome when she was 21 on holiday.I'd seen them several times before renting horses for afternoon rides but had not paid attention to either the girl or her mother beyond adding her mother to my bucket list of beautiful women to seduce in the future.