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She had her hand wrapped around mine and rested her head on my shoulder. Read On Added: | Category: Office Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,429 | Tags: passion shock love office boss | 4 Comments The affair peters out except for two last times Our ‘affair’ for want of a better word, had to be and was kept very discreet.

She was broken by the news of her elder sister’s demise but that was not all. Other than when we returned after that first weekend we never came into or left work together.

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I started renting a small executive office space for my business in the downtown area.

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The staff is mostly men, but there are some women as well. My desk is more substantial and open, facing the team. Brooke sat in the unemployment office as she had once a week for the past ten months.

Her family members had withheld this news from her for a month. Lucy had also been promoted and moved to a different part and building in our work's complex.

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She had a dark skin tone, but not too dark, just a lighter shade than most, which indicated she was of a mixed race. Read On Added: | Category: Office Sex | Avg Score: 4.84 | Words: 3,372 | Tags: spreadsheet supermodel | 8 Comments I had a crazy afternoon on Lush and it was crazy sexy...One afternoon, a few years ago I was twirling around in the office in my little portacabin that a joined onto the Big Cheeses much nicer better-insulated office.