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27-Jan-2020 02:43

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So far, he's just had too little romances - and mostly they went out with another group of kids.He did take one of the girls to a movie a few times.

well she likes a boy who just turned 18 in may and he says he's in love with my daughter etc..The fastest growing population for HIV is TEENS!!!! BEFORE she needs STD treatment or gets an un-treatable diagnosis.They think oral and anal sex protect them because they can't get pregnant. As a high school teacher, more and more I am seeing that oral and anal sex are not considered "sex." Many girls will "service" boys with oral sex and it really doesn't mean much, like rubbing someone's feet.We also have issues with her getting a job we all work !

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but i have a feeling she's been places where it was ok to sit at home and rely on "goverment help" so we'll see what happens with that !

I never thought about it while she was living here because she had little/no chances to be unsupervised with boys but now i wish i would have brought it up because eventually she's going to be on her own and need to know how to protect herself ugh !

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