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25-Sep-2019 13:15

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Our grandmothers taught us that women are natural nurturers who need to always be caring and accommodating and cater to her man’s needs. Sure, it’s always prudent to wait and have sex and follow biological anthropologist Helen Fisher’s phrase,”fast sex, slow love.” But know that many long-lasting relationships have sprung out of a heated first date.

That means that many women are still hesitant to be too opinionated or assertive for fear of seeming “difficult” or “too demanding,” which is a sexist double standard we need to leave behind. And if you’re after 40, you’re and adult and you know what you want—and you’re many years removed from any social stigmas of high school.

is worth, I'm afraid the answer is likely to be 'not much'.

They were sold in their hundreds of thousands and have little 'cult' status. The first issue might sell for up to £5, but the rest?

(Well, unless you’re Ryan Gosling, who gets a pass.) In 2018, it’s customary to go dutch.

In fact, some women today may insist on splitting things evenly, because allowing a man to pay makes them feel like he’s expecting something more.

It’s very unpopular to hold the theory that if a woman cheats that means she deserves a scarlet letter, but if a man, cheats, well…what can you do? If you decide to be monogamous, you’re both beholden to that promise of exclusivity.

If someone starts flirting with the person you’re dating, it’s natural to feel jealous or threatened, and it’s better to have a conversation about it than to bottle those feelings up and have them boil over later.

You don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed and into a hamper, but wearing a three-piece suit and a feathered hat might make it look like you’re trying too hard.

The phrase “marriage material” in itself makes you sound like you stepped out of a time machine, and it problematically implies that some women aren’t worth settling down with for various (usually) sexist reasons.

The reality is that we’re all just flawed human beings trying to find someone who can stand us. You can’t talk, and if you don’t end up clicking, it kind of ends up being a bit commitment in terms of both time and money.

Not only is it no longer taboo for women to ask a man out or send the first text, but there are also a lot of men (especially those on dating apps like Bumble) who actually prefer it when a woman takes initiative.

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And it’s not just Millennials who feel this way either.

Newsflash: It’s no longer necessary for women to play weak and men to play strong.

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