Female slave dating

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With the experience of using slaves for sugar cultivation as early as the 15th century can clearly show the knowledge and expertise Portuguese were obtaining in using slaves to extort more foreign resources.Mungo Park was one of the first European travellers that reached the inland of Africa and he documented the slave trade practices.Like Spartacus, many slaves were not considered members of the community by being war captives of another area, “slaves themselves were captured from many outlying regions and comprised a multitude of ethnicities”(Blackburn, 67).[iii] Despite the various ethnicities of the slaves, the creation of race related slave hierarchy didn’t exist in Roman slavery as it did in the South American slave societies.

The Portuguese were one of the first European countries to be a slaveholding society of African slaves and “found existing slave trading patterns and met enthusiastic intermediaries” in Africa (Nellis, 03).

Jaspreet Kaur HSTCMP 358 Smallwood 10 June 2015 The Atlantic Slave Trade Introduction: Trad­ing slaves was a common practice amongst Africans and Arabs of the Middle Eastern region, however, the new devel­op­ment of slave trade through the Atlantic voy­ages brought new forms of slav­ery and slave trade business.