Elucidating the genetic code overly accommodating relationships

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Amacher, Sharon Interested in how cells become sequentially determined to more precisely defined fates during vertebrate embryonic development and how this process depends upon cell position and upon interactions among neighboring cells.To address these questions, we use genetics, molecular biology, time-lapse imaging, and embryology to investigate mesodermal patterning, segmentation and muscle development in the zebrafish embryo, a well-established model for human development and disease.Cole, Susan Roles of fringe genes and Notch signaling during mouse development.Analysis of cyclic m RNA_expression during somitogenesis: linking the Notch pathway and the segmentation clock.

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Guttridge, Dennis NF-kappa β regulation of cell growth and differentiation.Lamb, Rebecca Role of transcriptional regulation during flower development in the model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana. Leone, Gustavo Cancer biology; control of cell growth and cell death.Using specification of organ identity to study transcriptional networks controlling development. Lessnick, Stephen My research takes a translational approach to Ewing sarcoma, with the overarching goal of applying basic science discoveries to the clinical care of patients with this disease.Ghoshal, Kalpana Role of DNA methylation and micro RNAs in liver disease.

Gopalan, Venkat Biochemistry and applications of ribonuclease P, a catalytic RNP complex.

Artsimovitch, Irina Molecular mechanisms of bacterial gene expression and its control by nucleic acid signals, regulatory proteins, and antibiotics.