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Many riddles appear in similar form across many countries, and often continents.Borrowing of riddles happens on a small, local scale, and across great distances.If he did, he wrote his riddles in the Indic language he called Hindawi rather than his usual Persian.It contains 286 riddles, divided into six groups, "apparently on the basis of the structure of the riddle and the structure of the answer"; "these riddles are 'in the style of the common people', but most scholars believe they were composed by Khusro".Archer Taylor says that "we can probably say that riddling is a universal art" and cites riddles from hundreds of different cultures including Finnish, Hungarian, American Indian, Chinese, Russian, Dutch and Filipino sources amongst many others.

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); "who becomes pregnant without conceiving, who becomes fat without eating? Thus, for example, Daṇḍin cites this as an example of a name-riddle (nāmaprahelikā): "A city, five letters, the middle one is a nasal, the ruling lineage of which is an eight-letter word" (the answer being Kāñcī, ruled by the Pallavāḥ dynasty). Ashtavakra is the son of one Kahoda, who loses a wisdom-contest to Bandin and is drowned in consequence.

Dunash ben Labrat (920–990), credited with transposing Arabic metres into Hebrew, composed a number of riddles, mostly apparently inspired by folk-riddles.

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